My name is Doug Penrod and I am a highly skilled graphic designer with industry experience. I have a well-rounded approach to both digital and print media, which includes not only graphic design, but also UI/UX design, web design, videography, photography, and social media marketing. I have experience dealing with clients and know how to maintain a positive energy in client-agency dynamics.
Doug is one of the most motivated and optimistic people I know, and always looks ahead for the next big thing. He has a keen awareness of the world around him and the different factors at play, and understands the concept of hard work. As an entrepreneur he is constantly evolving and maturing and creating powerful connections with his clientele. A great guy for sure!
 - Sophocles Sapounas - Consumer Insights Strategist at GTB

Doug is a very motivated, driven, and reliable person to have on your team. I’ve known him for over 20 years and I’ve been able to watch him turn an idea into reality. He has been an owner, entrepreneur, and someone that is not scared to chase his goals and dreams. He’s not afraid to fail if it means taking a step forward. If you hire Doug, you’ll be hiring someone that will make an immediate impact to your business. Doug is that potential hire that you won’t have to worry about.
- Rich Toles - Manager at Aerotek
As a long-time friend of Doug, I can assure you that he would make a great asset to any company with the honor of employing him. In the 20 years that I have known Doug, he has proven to be one of the most hard-working, honest, and personable people I have ever met. If you are looking to build company culture, Doug is your guy. Throughout the years, I have watched Doug grow not only as a great friend but as an entrepreneur. His laudable dedication and persistence that he has shown with his company can be described as nothing short of exceptional. I can assure you that this will directly translate to anything he puts his mind to.
- Trent Knight - Banker at Quicken Loans
I worked with Doug on three commercials, where he filled the role of Executive Producer. Doug was easygoing and a joy to work with! He understands the creative process and listens carefully to all creative ideas, taking them with stride and putting his foot down when it needs to be. He has quite the ability to build a reliable team of creatives around him. Doug Penrod is one of the best Executive Producers I have enjoyed working with in a long time.
- Alex Rogala - Director at VanGo Productions
In terms of creativity and design, Doug Penrod has a unique talent that helped my business improve its visibility. Our audience responded very well to his work.
- Jon Kuzma - Owner at

Doug did an excellent job designing and creating the logo for my business. He was very communicative throughout the entire process. Doug gets things finished on time and ahead of schedule. He is a valuable asset to my team.
- Patrick McMullen - Filmmaker 
Doug and I have reconnected over the past couple of years on several different projects. Doug is the kind of person I know I will always go out of the way for because these efforts are always reciprocated. Even if it has been a year since we have needed one another, I am always excited about the call because this means something magnificent is about to happen. His energy is magnetic, and you see this with the people he is around and working with. The creativity and enthusiasm are never-ending, which puts him as one of my top picks as a creator. One of the most extraordinary things about working with this man is that he is determined to do things the right way—also an excellent communicator. When something comes out, he can detect if it is perfect or if it still needs work, and he is back to the drawing board after some questions. There is excellent relief with having him on the team because he always pulls through, and the group comes with him. If you need a self-starter who is keen to get their hands dirty with a project with unknown variables, I highly recommend Doug. Any questions about his character, capabilities, and strengths, or weaknesses, you can contact me on my cell phone at 760-***-****.

- William Kucharski - Owner, The Jet House Project
I worked with Doug at a digital agency called 24G. Doug is a multi-faceted and multi-talented digital media specialist. I find Doug to be a loyal, enthusiastic, hard worker. I know he would fit into any team and be a valuable asset.
- Olivia Kasle - Self Employed Graphic Designer
I've had the pleasure of sharing creative workspace environment with Doug for the last 8 months. Doug has exceptional listening skills and is very dedicated to any present task. His rapid response time and interpersonal relationship skills would make him a very valuable team member to any company.
- Craig Lindke - President at Link's Lawn Maintenance
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